About us

What Do We Stand For?

WUBA NATURE’S SECRET is the next step in natural skincare; choosing natural shouldn’t mean compromising on efficacy or pleasure. We use combination of nature’s bounty and science to develop our innovative products.
We understand the power of Natural ingredients and we search the globe to discover the very best nature has to offer. We challenge the norms and we’re passionate about the ingredients that are bursting with natural essence. All our products are created by selecting natural ingredients that work in synergy with the skin, and extracting them in a way that retains their goodness.
The brand is so set on delivering products of the highest quality, that are free from sulphates, parabens, artificial colours and fragrances, silicones, and so much more.
All products are developed & formulated in Canada.
With minds associated with skin care industry for almost 38 years, WUBA becomes a synergistic combination of the modern western technology and Ayurvedic knowledge.

Our Vision
To deliver formulations that work, proving that you don't need to compromise on efficacy for natural ingredients. Continuously Evolve and keep discovering natural ingredients and formulations, to deliver the best in skincare.

Our Mission
Whatever their skintype, whatever their mood, whatever their routine, we want to help all of our customers discover the power of natural ingredients. We want everyone to love, taking care of their skin, and see how natural and pure ingredients can get the results without compromising. We will keep innovating to provide best skincare.

Our Promise
1) Totally Natural Skincare
Our products are more than natural skincare alternatives, they are effective in caring for and soothing different kind of skin. Everything we create has a purpose, and holds plenty of natural power.

2) Pure Pleasure with every use
We don’t compromise. Our products are luxurious as well as effective, and fit into your daily routinue, so that taking care of your skin everyday is relaxing, rejuvenating experience.

3) Honest, with Nothing to hide
We use more than 250 Natural ingredients across our range. With a vast knowledge and understanding of the efficacy of natural ingredients. We we’ll never need to turn to anything artificial.

4) Joy of caring for your Skin
We want you to fall in love with your skin and taking care of it. We’re always discovering new ingredients, and using Wuba products helps you to discover new skincare experiences.