How can You Choose the Best Day and Night Cream for Dry Skin?

How can You Choose the Best Day and Night Cream for Dry Skin?

Before you choose an ideal day and night cream for dry skin, you must understand the difference between day creams and night creams. A day cream tends to be lighter than a night cream and the former contains SPF or sun protection factors besides lightening agents including vitamin C. On the other hand, night creams are heavier and richer creams that comprise active components, like glycolic acid and retinol. A day cream is a skincare product that people use during the day whereas a night cream is used during the night. Both day and night creams work to hydrate the skin and turn the skin smooth and soft.

day and night cream for dry skin

An overview of day creams

The skin is the most fragile and sensitive part of your body. Hence, it becomes important to take very good care of it. A day cream is a moisturizer that you apply in the morning. Before you apply day cream, you must cleanse your face methodically. However, while applying the cream, you need to avert the delicate eye part of your skin.

The need to apply day creams

You will find many day creams, like day cream for dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, etc. The purpose of these creams is moisturizing your skin. Commonly, day creams are face glow creams that help people to shine the brightest. A night cream is heavier, so it can make your face look and feel greasy. Therefore, if you have dry skin, you must not use a day cream at night as your skin will benefit more from the use of a heavier night cream.

An overview of night creams

A night cream is commonly thicker in consistency compared to a day cream. Again, night creams possess a higher concentration of components that improve cell turnover, circulation, and hydration. A night cream doesn’t only hydrate and soothe the skin but helps in inducing repair by intensifying cell turnover. Moisturizers for the day protect your skin from different elements, like dryness, Ultraviolet rays, heat, and pollution and night creams focus on your skin’s reconstruction process.

The method of applying a night cream

You must always cleanse your skin before you apply a night cream. It will ensure that the skincare products have sunk well into your skin. Cell regeneration happens from 10 pm – 2 am. Hence, you must apply the cream before this. After you cleanse, tone, and apply essence or serum, you must apply the night cream and massage it in circular and upward motions.

Use the best products for youthful skin

When you have dry skin, you must apply a day and night cream for dry skin but you must note that a day cream is lighter than a night cream and it contains lightening agents, such as vitamin C and SPF. On the contrary, a night cream is a heavier and richer one that contains some active components, such as glycolic acid and retinol. In any case, buy quality products from trusted sellers like Wuba. You can now buy different categories of day and night creams and other skin care products online.