All you need to know about a Keratin Shampoo

All you need to know about a Keratin Shampoo

Perhaps you use keratin-based shampoo regularly but do you know the benefits of keratin to your hair?

We have become attentive to our own health and well-being and now shampoo is a daily toiletry item that carries the notions of hygiene. Shampoos generally have a lot of variations, mainly due to the different hair types that we have. Every individual is unique in terms of their physical characteristics. To have some inclusivity, a lot of known and unknown variants of shampoos come into being. One of those popular shampoo types is Keratin Shampoo. Women and men who are facing regular tantrums of dry and frizzy hair split ends and rough texture of hair, should immediately change their shampoo and start using this.

The USPs of this shampoo are to induce a good amount of shiny texture to the hair, a smooth gesture while combing will be there as soon as you start using this regularly. Not everybody is aware of the fact that hair is a protein element of the human body, when hair damage becomes a pertinent issue, protein therapy like keratin is the ideal solution to get back on track.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a type of protein. Generally, proteins are a combination of 19 essential amino acids. Biologically 89% of human hair consists of keratin. For Asian individuals this percentage is a bit high, 94% of hair elements consist of keratin. These data leave no doubt about what an important role is being played by keratin for the individuals. Keratin is so great that even in shampoo formulas it can bring significant change to the quality of hair. Over time people need to understand that without having a protein balance in hair the damage control series can never be attained. A lack of keratin makes pores and holes in the hair strands. Under the microscope, it looks like a rocky road or a very rough surface area. Keratin shampoo can fill in the holes and pores and a glossy texture remains.  

How to get Keratin?

Since the major part of the hair is built with keratin, you must maintain that protein level intact. Keratins at this time are mostly being collected from animals. Animal protein comes as a big supply chain of Keratin.

How can a Keratin Shampoo help you?

Keratin is great at maintaining healthy hair. In this polluted city life, the skin and hair are highly vulnerable. Moreover, if you are bound to stay outside in the sun and pollution, your hair looks dull and faded.

  • With keratin-based shampoo, you can supply the necessary protein to your hair.
  • If you are undergoing a bleach or hair colour session, then Keratin Shampoo is the only thing that you should look up to.
  • To style your hair in different ways, Keratin Shampoo can actually arrange things properly.
  • After a haircut, it also becomes useful to maintain the blow-dried hair for a long time.

To cure damaged hair, to reduce the chances of hair fall and uncool fluffy texture of your hair Keratin Shampoo is the only option you should vouch for. Longer usages can change your overall texture and density of hair.