The change in season is finally here! Let’s welcome cosier days and cold nights, a time perfect for snuggles. 

With the change of season, it’s also time to switch your skincare regime and make it adaptive to the changing environment. Just follow these simple steps to maintain the glow even in winters, stress-free. 

Time to adapt your Moisturisation steps

Moisturisation is the key, applying the right creams and oils onto the skin with the main aim of boosting the skin barrier and its ability to prevent water from evaporating out of the skin. It’s an important step no matter what you do, whether you stay indoors the whole day or go out to work, the harsh winters make it weather needs applying of thicker creams at the end of your skincare routine or even a face oil to keep the skin moisturized. 

I always recommend using the Wuba Nature’s secret Ultra Moisturizer Cream in the morning, under SPF and makeup, because it gives you a wonderful hydrated base. It is lightweight and absorbs quickly without residue - perfect for the morning when we have 5 mins to achieve greatness!

In winter I also apply the Wuba Nature’s secret Elixir Face oil as well, but in Spring/Summer I use it only at the night along with Youth Preserve Night Cream

Hydration is important. Always

As obvious as it sounds, when our bodies are dehydrated, our skin cells are also sallow, dull and dry. In Winters, when the cold weather is drawing us all inside and we find that cosy place in our quilts, hydration becomes even more important. 

We are after all just cucumbers (70% water) with anxiety right!?

So remember to replenish your hydration levels, both through hydration-boosting, humectant-rich skincare and by drinking more water throughout the day.

Annnnnddddd queue the shameless plug for our incredibly quenchy, bouncy treatment serum Wuba Nature’s Secret Vitamin C Face serum with retinol and Hyaluronic acid. Press this into the skin after cleansing and before your facial oil and you are set! It contains many different humectants that work by attracting water into the different layers of the skin to provide multi-level, long-lasting hydration. Along with some other wonderful actives which you will thank me for later. 

You know this already

The number one most common cause of premature ageing is sun exposure. While sunshine is incredibly important for Vitamin D levels, bone strength and general happiness, sun exposure can also lead to pigmentation, dehydration and an uptick in visible wrinkles and fine lines.

It is therefore incredibly important that you apply sunscreen (at least SPF30+ but preferably 50+) EVERY SINGLE DAY to prevent further effects from sun damage and pigmentation. Okay, preach over. 


And for any personal recommendation, feel free to get in touch with us.




Founder, Wuba Skincare 

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